Agriculture in South Sudan


Al Jazeera English | South Sudan facing food crisis | 30 April 2012


South Sudan

Currently, only about 4% of South Sudan’s arable land is reportedly utilised for agriculture, yet over 70% of the country’s population are engaged in the sector to improve their livelihoods.

In February 2014 South Sudan’s agriculture and forestry ministry announced plans for a comprehensive master plan, seeking to revive the largely dormant sector, as part of plans to diversify the country’s economy.

 A combination of bad weather, pests and a deteriorating relationship with the North has led to an economic crisis that is challenging South Sudan’s food security. Ongoing clashes with Khartoum over the countries’ contested border area have halted the import of cheap food goods from the North, leaving Juba to rely on high-cost goods imported from southern neighbour Uganda. Another full-scale war between the two rival Sudans would make an already tough situation much worse.

Al Jazeera’s Peter Greste reports from Juba.

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    Im so interested in agriculture cause here in Namibia people are hungry, im having enough land at the village that we can use to do planting of maize and mahungu and vegetable. Im willing to give for the church im also a steward in Namibia my husband is a Pastor (Makuti) ECG Namibia Tsumeb , Is just funds than we can start with everything If Papa is willing to come see or send someone I will be happy for that.
    Your daughter Roslin

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