Bushiri Consultancy, Gold and Oil Companies Celebrate Anniversary

Thursday 12th January marked a year since Founder and President of SB Investments, Prophet Dr Shepherd Bushiri, PhD launched ‘Bushiri Consultancy’ in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. ‘Bushiri Consultancy’ is a subsidiary company of Shepherd Bushiri Investments that trades in gold and oil.

‘Bushiri Consultancy’ has enjoyed a tremendous year in business with measurable results. In just 12 months, the gold company made 80% profit, while the oil and consultancy companies respectively both made 100% profit.

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Alongside his wife and business partner Mary Bushiri, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri hosted an intimate gathering at the ‘Bushiri Consultancy’ headquarters in Dubai to celebrate the company’s growth and success since its inception over the past year.

During his speech, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri took time to thank his entire staff, that has worked passionately and tirelessly to achieve the company’s objectives.

“I want to thank you all for your hard work here at Bushiri Consultancy. It feels like just yesterday when I came to Dubai to officially open this office and here we are today celebrating our first milestone together. I believe that the success of this company is in your hands. Thank you all for believing in my dream and making it a reality. I am proud to know that what started as my dream, is now OUR dream; I am because you are. Above all else, I don’t do business for myself but for and because of God. Through my God-given abilities and wisdom, I stand before you a successful entrepreneur. I owe my strength, success and growth to God and that will never change” – said a cheerful Bushiri

When it comes to business, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is more than just a businessman. He is a prominent billionaire entrepreneur who strongly believes that business is not just about profit but more so about the solid relationships one builds. Teamwork has always played a huge role in the success of all his businesses and it is without a doubt evident that the ‘Bushiri Consultancy’ team shares the same vision.

The Bushiri Consultancy’s first anniversary celebration wouldn’t be complete without staff awards. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and Mrs. Mary Bushiri presented the staff with appreciation awards and encouraged them to work harder than ever before. Looking beyond their first anniversary, ‘Bushiri Consultancy’ now has plans to expand into Europe and Asia.

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About Founder & President of SB Investments:

Prophet Dr Shepherd Bushiri is the President and leader of the Enlightened Christian Gathering church (ECG) and PSB Ministries. Away from the pulpit, he is also a billionaire entrepreneur with multiple entities under Shepherd Bushiri Investments (SBI) launched six years ago. Through SB Airways, Bushiri runs private jets charter at Lanseria Airport in South Africa, owns Gold mines across Africa, oil and gas companies in different African countries, a mobile network (PSB Network) in South Africa, hotels in Mauritius and South Africa as well as several other companies in Dubai, Ethiopia, Zambia and Cyprus.

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