Dr Shepherd Bushiri, PhDPresident & Chairman

Mr Shpeherd Bushiri
Mr Shpeherd Bushiri
areas of expertise
  • Business transformation
  • Restructuring and turnaround
  • Integration
  • Growth strategy
Business Interests
  • President of Prophetic Channel Television Network
  • President of AFRICCI
  • President of Shepherd Bushiri Ministries international
  • President of Shepherd Bushiri Investments

Dr Shepherd Bushiri, PhD is the founder, owner and President & Chairman of the SBI Group. Dr Bushiri is on the Board of several corporations in Africa.

He is a young charismatic multi-billionaire (in US Dollars). He made his first millions (in US Dollars) in his early 20s, and he has maintained the zeal and tempo to multiply his vast investment resources globally. His business acumen is invincible. He has provided extremely brilliant policy direction for SBI that has seen intensive diversification into various lucrative realms of business. The exponential economic growth that SBI has witnessed and enjoyed under the direction of Dr Bushiri, over the few years, is unprecedented in any known corporate history. Dr Bushiri’s intellectual prowess cannot be gainsaid.

Dr Bushiri is also President of his own television network which broadcasts in over 130 countries world wide. He is a well known humanitarian and man of the cloth with a following of over a 1 million people world wide.

In the first quarter of 2016 Dr Bushiri spent over 1 million US dollars in Africa on numerous Humanitarian Assistance projects in drought stricken areas. His magnanimity is demonstrated by the multifarious charitable projects that he maintains world wide.

President Dr Bushiri, PhD, is the charismatic, brilliant, young multi-billionaire founder of numerous companies registered in South Africa, UK, USA and Dubai, which includes a Mobile Network, a VIP Airlines, a Publications Company, and a Television Network, to mention but a few- the list is inexhaustive. He owns an award winning Hotel in the North West province of South Africa and has invested in the Oil Industry, Mineral Industry and Agricultural Industry in Africa’s youngest State- South Sudan.

Through his business initiatives Dr Bushiri provides employment to over a 1000 people from over 10 nationalities of which plus minus 500 is from SBI Holdings, and the remainder from his Television Network and Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Ministries international.

He is the proud father of two daughters and husband to his wife Mrs Mary Bushiri who is also a Director of SBI Holdings.

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3 Lower Road, Morningside,
Sandton, Johannesburg 2196, South Africa

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